Say Hello to a Good Buy at Shopko

Shopko (Mass marketing chain)  Shopko used this theme line for ten years.) It was used as a tagline for a jingle on radio and television commercials.

The Leader in the Field

Terog (Potato harvesting machinery manufacturer)

Creating the Bridge between Art and Science

Dental Crafters (A large dental lab)

Success.  It’s a Matter of Degree. Marquette University.

Marquette University. This theme was used to put its stamp on a multi-year, multi-media campaign with specially earmarked funds from Marquette’s Admissions Department.

Cutting Clear Across America

Kondex (Manufacturer of replacement sickle sections on harvesting machines)

We Preserve and Protect

J.M. Gruel Enterprises (Laminator)   (A takeoff on the branding line used by many police departments)

Making Greater Waukesha Greater Since 1986

River Valley Home Improvements

Get in the game

Brook Club (Tennis club)(In use by the club two years before the USTA came out with it as their theme line.)

The Soul of Italy in the Heart of Brookfield

The Venice Club (Italian Restaurant)

A friend to the family

Schmidt and Bartelt (Locally owned Funeral Services Chain)