Freelance writer Joel Habush

Joel Habush (I’ll just put myself in the third person, here—frees us up a bit), is an award winning freelance copywriter turned into a repeated National and State award winning freelance “pure” humorist. He has read many of his pieces on Milwaukee Public Radio, and he recently was the Moderator of panel on Humor Writing, at the Wisconsin Writers Associations Annual Fall Conference.
You can find his recently published first book, a compilation of his short humor pieces, Caution, Writer Ahead…and other unprovoked acts of humor at Amazon.com and createspace.com.

The book has five segments, “Caution, Writer Ahead,” being in the first group, titled,  “Ah, The Life Literary—It Speaks Volumes…And Reams.” You’ll find lots of pieces addressing everything that writers and readers alike will identify with, from a would-be successful author’s imagined, My Book Tour du Force to tips on how to give and receive criticism in Nights of the Round Table. The second and largest segment is truly a microcosm of the whole book, designed to take the reader directly to satisfying smiles and delighted laughter in many unique and fresh paths. The title says it all— What if? Speculate, Extrapolate, Fabricate. So these flights of fancy take the reader to days of the Roman Emperor in Blood and Sandals, where Emperor Equus Gluteus Maximus Caesar is being besieged by gladiators demanding safety measures be put in place in the Coliseum. Then a leap forward to ancient Britain where another court is in disarray, King Arthur’s. In Throne for a Loss, charges are being made that one of the most renowned of the Knights is winning jousting tournaments through Performing Enhancing Potions (PEP). In the same grouping, readers are presented with the scenario of 30 year old man who lives in his parents’ basement telling them that he has fallen in love with a corporation (corporations are now people) and he’s going to move out and marry it (er, “her”).
And so it goes.

Joel’s been a writer for as long as he can remember, honing his writing skills while earning a Bachelor of Journalism degree at the University of Missouri. Joel has written and produced television commercials in Milwaukee, Chicago, Green Bay, Minneapolis, Louisville, and Tallahassee; and written and produced jingles in Milwaukee, Chicago, Vancouver, and Nashville.